Three fincas to fall in love with

Unos, dos, tres… all good things come in threes. How true! Especially when it comes to places of the soul. Places of the soul like our three fincas right by the sea in the middle of a landscape that enchants. And as if by magic, this magical number repeats itself in a miraculous way: three fincas, three natural beauties, three promises.

But first things first. Dano Swarovski's private fincas in traditional Menorcan architectural style not only offer luxury, but something that tops every luxury: a guarantee of relaxation.

As the northernmost Balearic island, Menorca also has a natural gem in its north, and therefore in the northernmost corner of the Balearic Islands. Pregonda Bay, in which the three fincas, nestled like pearls, can be found, is 170 meters long, natural and simply magically beautiful. Golden-colored sand, crystal-clear azure sea and imagination-stimulating rock formations characterize this holiday insider tip that promises a year-round summer feeling, relaxation and that fabulous magic that can only be elicited from Menorca.

Dano Swarovski

Your paradise

Breathtaking views over Pregonda Bay

Our organic farming

You protect what you love and love what you know. That's exactly what happened to us when we got to know the wonderful landscape at Cala Pregonda. It was love at first sight, and it was crystal clear ever since that we wanted to preserve this love and landscape. Nature, a source of inspiration, has always been at the heart of our family; it is a role model and a reservoir from which we draw new ideas and impulses, all in one.

And how could it be otherwise: Our organic farming stands for a careful and conscious approach to nature. That's why organic and sustainability are not just buzzwords for us, but part of everyday life. Private organic farming is located in an area of ​​several hectares around our three fincas, where wonderful regional products such as figs, lemons and much more are produced. A “Garden of Eden” whose scent alone is captivating.



Your holiday homes

The three luxurious private fincas on Menorca are located directly in the idyllic Pregonda Bay in the north of Menorca.

from 4.750 € / week
110 m² | from 4.750 € / week |

11 people

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Casa Finca.
From 3.800 € / week
110 m² | From 3.800 € / week |

7 people

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From 1.700 € / week
110 m² | From 1.700 € / week |

8 people

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Description accommodation

Casa Finca


The view of the sea from here is uplifting. Our house “Finca” is located on the hill that towers above Cala Pregonda; If you rent a room here, you'll be staying like Spanish nobles did a long time ago. What may sound exaggerated is actually the case, because the finca is traditionally built and embodies finca life 200 years ago.

However, it is extremely modern, has a lot of luxury such as floor heating, air conditioning and much more, and it is located in a natural area that guarantees peace and relaxation. Are you a romantic, nature lover or horse lover? Or all together? Then this finca is definitely the right place for you: Hardly anywhere else on the island can you watch the starry sky in such a relaxed manner or enjoy nature on the many hiking and walking trails that lead past.

Cycling and riding trails lead to unforgettable places, and there are five riding horses available on site. The sea can be reached on foot in just over 20 minutes and nature experiences await you there too, making your holiday an unforgettable sensory experience.



Not far from a small, rustic village, but only 1,500 meters from the sea, lies the beautiful Casa Falcone, a climate-self-sufficient finca in a quiet, natural landscape. The “Falcon House” takes its name in honor of the noble birds of prey that circle the rocks of Cala Pregonda, but above all the house itself. An experience not only for ornithologists, but for everyone who wants a holiday in and with nature.

The fully air-conditioned, luxuriously furnished house offers everything that those seeking peace and quiet could wish for, above all a guarantee of relaxation that promises sustainable well-being. In the summer heat, you can cool off in the large “in-house swimming pool”, namely in the well-tempered sea of ​​Cala Pregonda. The golden yellow, 170 meter wide sandy beach offers countless opportunities to be active, but also to unwind. A real place of longing that just wants to be discovered. The Casa Falcone is completely energy self-sufficient and is not dependent on external energy supplies.



Why the name Beachhouse? Because it goes without saying: golden sand and direct access to one of the most beautiful beaches in one of the most idyllic bays in the Mediterranean. You think: “Not possible, all the superlatives”? Then you should convince yourself of the special nature of this natural beauty, which is considered a sanctuary. Characterized by the natural rock formation, which is reminiscent of praying hands, the bay has its impressive name “La Pregonda” – the praying one. One thing is certain: anyone who has not felt the golden sand of the Pregonda under their feet has not fully grasped the soul of Menorca.

Our beach house in this incomparable location is no more than 50 steps from the turquoise sea; for around eleven people, equipped with every luxury, which is, however, seen as irrelevant here. WiFi, floor heating, air conditioning, outdoor shower… nothing more and nothing less than the dot on the cake. Because you will enjoy most of your vacation outdoors anyway, on the beach, in the sea, on the terrace. And you will find nature and the soothing tranquility to be the greatest luxury.

You can also experience the various outdoor activities particularly intensively here, because swimming, hiking or beach walking in Cala Pregonda are particularly fulfilling. The beach house also has its own canoes, with which you can particularly easily explore the unforgettable blue of this bay.

Welcome to Paradise

Vacation with added value

Our fincas simply offer more. More service, more freedom, more prospects for a wonderful holiday.


  • All fincas have a perfectly equipped kitchenette or kitchen with ceramic hob, refrigerator, dishwasher, toaster, kettle, coffee machine as well as eating and cooking utensils.
  • Bed linen, towels, electricity, water, cleaning products and tea towels for free use
  • Free WiFi throughout the house
  • Intermediate cleaning every 4 days is included in the price
  • Reception at the airport also possible
  • Cook or household help on request
  • Mineral water is provided to avoid plastic waste. Garbage is separated.


  • The nearest restaurant with traditional Spanish cuisine and a garden terrace can be reached on foot in about 30 minutes. 


  • free canoe rental,
  • Tour tips and hiking maps, restaurant tips and


Useful information

  • The prices are for the entire finca with 7, 8 or 11 people
  • Pets are allowed and are free.


We ask for your understanding that we will charge for reserved accommodation in the event of no-show, late arrival or early departure. 

  • More than 2 months before departure: no cancellation fee
  • 2 months to 1 month before departure: 40% of the booking value
  • 1 month to 1 week before departure: 70% of the booking value
  • In the last week before departure: 100% of the booking value

When booking, a deposit of 50% of the stay must be paid by credit card or bank transfer. The remaining amount will be paid directly at the accommodation on site. Alternatively, the total amount can be paid immediately using a credit card or bank transfer.. 

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IBAN: ES44 0061 0034 4702 1034 0115



  • We will process your request as quickly as possible. We would be happy to advise you on your arrival by water or air, depending on the time of year. Rental cars can be booked at the airport. Further information is available upon request or by telephone.

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    +43 664 3090000
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